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Magni - 10.10 HTH

The HTH 10.10 telescopic handler is ideal for moving large, bulky loads in complete safety. Able to lift up to 10 tonnes, it is compatible with a wide range of accessories, making it extremely versatile. Equipped with an RFID system which provides automatic recognition of the various attachments used, this telescopic handler is able to meet a wide range of applications in heavy industry. Its four-wheel drive system, three manoeuvring modes and high ground clearance makes it highly manoeuvrable on all terrain types.

Built In Italy from the finest components, Magni and its unique patented design offer class-leading features including:

⚙️ Load Sensing Hydraulic System

⚙️Self Leveling

⚙️Four-wheel drive

⚙️Accessories specifically designed to suit this machine range (HTH)

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Magni 10.10 HTH

Year of Manufacture: 2023

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