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Barford - TR6536 Tracked Conveyor

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Barford TR6536 Tracked Stockpile Conveyor is easy to transport being 65ft x 36” in length and comes with a Large Rubber Lined Feed Hopper, Galvanized Inner Telescopic Legs, Galvanized Roller Guards and Cat 2.2 engine. 

Features at a glance…

⚙️Lockable engine compartment
⚙️ Flashing beacon and warning siren
⚙️ Head & Tail Scrapers
⚙️ Hydraulic Oil Cooler and Fluted Tank
⚙️ On 2.5 metre Track x 400mm Shoe
⚙️ OMV 500 Head Drive
⚙️Flexible drive coupling
⚙️ Electric Automation Controls
⚙️Dog Lead remote control movement
⚙️ Large Feed Boot c/w rubber liners
⚙️ 3m long conveyor side skirts
⚙️ Impact Bar System under Feed Area
⚙️ Hydraulic Head Folding
⚙️ Centralized grease points
⚙️ Galvanized guards & telescopic legs

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Barford TR6536 Tracked Conveyor

Year of Manufacture: 2023

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