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The Compaktor 300 e-pu is the electrical generated version of the popular 250 evo shredder. This high efficiency shredder has compartmentalised machine components, allowing for a significant reduction in dust, dirt and vibration whilst increasing the ease of maintenance. It can also be integrated into existing recycling plants or used as an individual machine.

Optional use of concrete or paddle shafts according to material requirements

Features at a glance…

⚙️The best price-performance ratio in its class
Extended assembly of discharge belt and over belt magnet possible according to customer needs

⚙️Largest range of applications
Processing of different types of material with the toughest requirements

⚙️Revolutionary twin shaft quick-change system
Shortens maintenance times, refurbishment and changing of different shaft types for uninterrupted operation

⚙️Integration in complete plants or used as an individual machine
Flexible use is possible due to separate machine components. This allows significant reduction in dust, dirt and vibration. 

⚙️Universal operability
Direct operation via remote control and optional integration into complete systems possible

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Waste Wood & Biomass

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Household & Commercial Waste

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