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The WILLIBALD FLEXSTAR 3000 screening system was designed to accurately screen and separately discharge biological material in a single work process, optionally in two or three fractions. Many different initial materials such as biomass, compost, pre-broken wood waste, bark mulch, wood chips and numerous other organic products can be perfectly processed in this way.

The mobile screening system reveals its true strength where conditions are difficult for conventional screening technology. Damp and sticky bulk materials that tend to quickly stick to screen bases are screened out efficiently and economically. 


Features at a glance…

⚙️Large-volume hopper (approximately 6m)

⚙️Fine-grain, medium-grain and coarse-grain stages can be set via the speed of the star shafts

⚙️Quick & easy changeover from the transport position to the working position

⚙️Both screen decks can be easily changed (approx. 2h per screen deck)

⚙️Large material infeed hopper – material fed in using endless floor with high carriers– speed continuously adjustable 

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Waste Wood & Biomass

Waste Wood & Biomass

Stem Wood & Roots

Stem Wood & Roots

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