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Magni - Forestry Kit

Tree Cutter attachment available for RTH range 

The tree cutter attachment includes a saw unit with spring suspension to prevent bending of the saw blade when force is applied for pruning trees and branches. The Power Tiltator allows the clamp to rotate 360°, allowing the branch or trunk to be cut from any position or angle. The chain is lubricated with grease to minimize wear, maintenance and prevent soiling of the driver’s cabin and windscreen.  The chain tensioner is automatic, ensuring the chain is always tensioned.

The ‘Forestry Kit’ additions are sold separately, and on purchase or hire of required RTH the optional extras will be added to the cabin features for the operators use. 

Forestry Kit additions:

Remote Control – Provides access to all normal cab operations and specific movements of the tree-cutting attachment, making the job safer and more efficient. The remote control is equipped with a practical colour display which shows all boom geometric data to the user on the ground, increasing operator safety. Also complete with Bluetooth system it can be used all over the world without restrictions.

Pre-Arrangement for tree-cutting device- OPT-05-001 This option prepares the machine for safe use with the tree-cutting attachment and equips the cabin with a protection grid on the windshield, additional rollers on the joysticks for tree-cutting operations, cameras with protections and dedicated HD screen in the cab, front and rear cab working lights and special filter featuring F7 filter class (CEN EN 779)

Boom protection from the elements- OPT-05-005 This option is designed to protect the boom and its sections thanks to a metal plate mounted into each of the boom hollows and additional gaskets at the end of every boom section. This prevents sawdust and debris from entering the boom sections.

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Tree Maintenance

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Magni Tree Cutter Attachment

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