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MINISHARK reliably process a wide range of organic materials and is convincing in terms of performance and economy, especially for small and medium throughput rates. The compact high-speed shredder also incorporates the most excellent innovations of the successful EP 5500 SHARK series.

Before buying, you have the possibility of customizing the MS 3000 so that it will be even more suited to your needs, and you have a choice of 18 free-swinging flails or 22 fixed tools in the machine, each in combination with rakes. The final grain size can be changed hydraulically (rakes/rotor distance) and with a screen basket system.

Features at a glance…

⚙️Excellent maintenance accessibility by the unique service position of the discharge belt

⚙️Radio-controlled adjustment of the material grain at any time by changing the distance between the rakes (counter-blades) and the rotor

⚙️Various quick-change post-shredding flaps for exact final grain

⚙️A reversible fan for cyclic cleaning of the cooler surface

⚙️ Central lubrication system supplies all lubricating points at adjustable intervals with the required dose of grease 

⚙️Neodymium magnet roller fitted to extract, and separate pieces of metal in the shredded material 

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Waste Wood & Biomass

Waste Wood & Biomass

Stem Wood & Roots

Stem Wood & Roots

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Willibald Minishark MS3000

Year of Manufacture: 2024

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Willibald Minishark MS3000

Year of Manufacture: 2023

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