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Magni - 6.35 RTH

The RTH 6.35 is a tough, high-performance rotating telescopic handler. It can lift loads up to a height of 35m, and is equipped with scissor stabilisers to ensure greater safety and stability during working manoeuvres. The scissor stabilisers are ideal even with limited space available; even when it is only partially stabilised, the machine is programmed to provide the best possible load chart on each side. When the stabilisers are fully extended, on the other hand, they guarantee maximum machine performance over 360° as they are able to work over a very wide stabilisation base. It is compatible with a huge range of accessories, thanks also to the RFID system which provides automatic recognition of the attachment and creation of the relative load charts; this telescopic handler is able to meet a wide range of applications in construction and industry.

Built In Italy from the finest components, Magni and its unique patented design offer class leading features including:

⚙️360-degree rotation

⚙️Patented clear view Cab

⚙️Standard with EWP configuration

⚙️Pressurised AC cabin

⚙️Magni telehandlers digital load management system + attachment self-recognition RFID

⚙️Patented side shift system (TH Range)

⚙️Small footprint to work in places other machines can’t

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Special projects

Special projects

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Magni 6.35 Rotating Telehandler

Year of Manufacture: 2023

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