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Screenpod - S45T Dust Cannon Trailer – 2000L

Designed for effective dust control – The Screenpod Dust Cannon Range helps minimize dust, reduce health risks & improve air quality

How it works: The S45T is a diesel generated rough terrain trailer which holds a water capacity of 2000L. The water is pressurized through the S45 Dust Cannon’s jet nozzles, transforming the water into a fine mist. A fan within the cowling then generates an airflow to disperse the mist. The mist latches to the dust particles, thus suppressing the dust. Screenpod S45T Dust Cannon Trailer is equipped with a strong chassis frame, which enables easy transportation.

The S45T also comes in different water tank sizes to suit all business needs and requirements.

Ideal for use in demolition, steel, waste, wood and rental industries

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