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UFKES Greentech - Hydraulic Stump Grinders

UFKES Greentec SHARK stump grinders, are the perfect solution for every excavator/ tool carrier

Shark 4W

⚙️Two swiveling cylinders ensure optimum grinding in both directions

⚙️Extra deep grinding, compact during transport, thanks to hydraulic lifting cylinder

⚙️Dozer for additional stability during grinding, can also be used for levelling, easily removed for extra-deep grinding

Shark 6 & 8

⚙️Low maintenance drive line, main shaft in oil bath Easy to move, folding support leg, sling points for hoisting or tying

⚙️Long-life hydraulic motor, claw coupling between gearbox and hydraulic motor

⚙️Secure and safe routing of hoses protects them from damage

⚙️Spacious housing and double row heavy chains minimise flying debris

⚙️Heavy duty frame can be used for raking debris

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