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Magni - Winches

To effortlessly lift and move objects, more or less bulky, making the most of your Magni’s performance, our range of winches is the ideal solution. Compact, and sturdy, they are top-quality accessories, which bear Magni’s constructive signature in every design detail.

The attachments are custom-designed to fit Magni’s Telescopic Range RTHTHHTH models.

Contact our Parts Department to verify compatibility with your needs, or view the brochure provided below.

Winch  2.700kg – 16.000kg

Technical Features:

  • Capacity: 2.700 kg – 16.000 kg
  • Cable diameter: 10 mm – 16mm
  • Cable length: 10m – 40m
  • Rope Descent Speed: 8m/min – 24m/min
  • Automatic accessory recognition: Yes

Winch fitted at the base of the boom 6T Winch with swiveling type-approved hook, which can be configured to two capacities: 6,000 kg dual and 3,000 kg single. Attachment equipped with rope pressure roller and hydraulic limit switch system for rope raising/lowering. Metal storage support included in code. Improved performance compared to the W6 thanks to the configuration of the attachment itself, which has the drum on the boom and not directly fastened to the winch.

Technical Features:

  • Capacity: up to 6000 kg
  • Length: up to 85m
  • Automatic accessory recognition: Yes

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