DP Group has acquired the ‘Game Changer’ Arjes Impaktor 250

Over 3 decades of success has The DP Group known to be Staffordshire and Cheshire’s leading skip hire company. Specialising primarily in Skip Hire, The DP Group was founded in 1992. The chairman and founder Dave Price started with only one lorry and five skips; continuous growth year on year now sees the business thrive at the forefront of the waste management industry.

The DP Group operation in the heart of Staffordshire has successfully tailored its business to supply industry-leading and reliable services to both commercial and domestic clients.

Over the last 30 years, The DP group have grown from strength to strength providing additional services to support our clients.

Whilst the business has seen rapid growth in recent years the core values of the family business still hold service, reliability, integrity, and responsibility.

Keeping this in mind, the next step to enhance their operations and productivity was acquiring a shredder. The Arjes Impaktor 250 evo fits perfectly with their operational requirements and fulfils their expectations. Renowned for its versatility and cost-effectiveness in the industry, this shredder stands out. It boasts a unique track system and hook lift combination, a groundbreaking shaft quick-change system offering Paddle or Concrete shaft options, an innovative SCU control system, and a shaft design that broadens its range of applications, making the Impaktor 250 a top contender in the market.

“The Arjes 250 machine has been a game-changer for our operations. Its versatility and efficiency have enabled us to process a wide range of materials with ease. The training provided by Doyle Machinery was thorough and practical, ensuring that our team could utilize the machine to its fullest potential. From the initial enquiry to post-purchase support, the process with Patrick King and Doyle Machinery has been seamless and professional.” – Tom Exley, Managing Director of The DP Group

We would like to congratulate The DP Group on their achievements and success and wish the Family and Team at DP Group all the best in their future endeavours.

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