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Barford - BF4048 Tracked Pugmill

Barford’s Twin shaft Pugmill Mixer is an efficient, accurate, tracked/mobile diesel-driven plant and is the complete solution for the mixing of aggregates, sands, soils, trench arisings and cold asphalt with various powders, cementitious mixtures, SMR powder, binders or lime for concretes, soil stabilisation, reinstatement works and contaminated land.

The onboard water tank provides water dosing when required. Upon request, a liquid Admixture pump kit is fitted with a drive motor, control panel calibrating pump and Admixture injector feed to the water line.

In this way, you can produce various concretes, mortars with or without admixture, cementitious mixtures, and stabilised soils

The main conveyor belt is mounted on belt weigher load cells, therefore full weighing control for aggregates/soils. All materials are weighed/measured before mixing. Electronic Flow Meters control water, additives and emulsions where fitted

Features at a glance…

⚙️ Electronic flow meters control water, additives and emulsions where fitted
⚙️ On-board computer system stores up to 20 recipes and controls production automatically
⚙️ Production stops automatically if one of the materials is missing
⚙️ Tracked mounted chassis for ease of movement on-site
⚙️ 400Ltr fuel tank

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