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UFKES Greentech - 942 Wood Chipper

Features at a glance…

⚙️450mm x 710mm (18inch x 28inch) opening

⚙️Chipping capacity up to 18” (45cm)

⚙️Various screen sizes are available

⚙️Powerful top roller processes branches and heavy logs with ease

⚙️Two side infeed rollers to assist in pulling material toward the chipping drum assisting and creating a uniform chip.

⚙️Perfect for chipping big bunches of branches and logs due to the unique placement of the anvil and integrated hydraulic motor within the infeed roller eliminating the requirement for openings within the infeed channel.

⚙️Heavy-duty internal Porcelain motor

⚙️Variations: Hitch mounted, High tipper VC13, Rear infeed, Back Tipping VC16, High tipper VC16, High tipper VC20, Engine unit on Heavy Duty Chassis, Tracked and Electric

⚙️Optional: Palfinger remote controlled crane, Quick-Change/or Solid fixed chipping blades, UK Spec left-hand infeed, 80 km/h axle for wheeled variants, Stable hydraulic raisable infeed table, with closed infeed chain, usable in multiple positions, Rubber on steel tracks for motorway chipping and special colour available upon request

942 Model Variations

Waste Wood & Biomass

Waste Wood & Biomass

Stem Wood & Roots

Stem Wood & Roots

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Year of Manufacture: 2024

Hours: NEW

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